Friday, November 2, 2007

Blog Definitions

What are the things that the majority of blogs consist of? This is
where it starts getting technical. Some of these terms will seem
familiar to you as some are common place within the confines of the
internet or computers in general.

Header: Also the title. Found at the top most portion of the website.
A lot of keywords get hidden here as a lot of search engines go from
top to bottom and they don't see as we do so any text that is placed
at the top of the site that is the same color as the background will
be read and used to generate positioning.

Footer: Typically the very last thing on the web page and will
typically list the same things as the header.

Index: The first page we see of any site is the index.

Navbar: Also sometimes called a sidebar. These can be positioned left
or right of the main pages contents. This is where the categories and
subjects are listed.

Post(s): Also known as entry. These are the individual entries of a
blog or the bloggeries.

Comments: Readers are able to post comments to a blog, adding onto
the popularity and keyword base.

Ping: A standard net term short for Packet Internet Grouper that is
used to track IP addresses as well as to notify automatic services
of updates.

Trackback: A ping is sent to another blog thru a trackback system
to alert a blogger to the mentioning of their blog. This is also
sometimes known as a pingback.

Tags: Placing of keywords as a way to collect similar posts.

Tag Cloud: The display of keywords.

Captcha: Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers
and Humans Apart. Captchas are small image boxes containing letters,
number or words that you have to re-type in order to verify you are
a human.

Link: An access point to specific articles.

Blogroll: Links to other blogs and the nav or sidebar.

Sideblog: A mini blog or blurb on the sidebar.

Template: A generic web site where you just have to fill in the
information and post.

Blogthis: An added function that allows a blogger to add to an entry.

Plugins: Mini files you download to your computer that works with your
browser to give you added features.

Dashboard: Like that of a car it is where your controls are. Editing
and moving files etc.

Archives: Like those found in your library but for the internet. It's
a collection of all tings blogiful and placed in reverse order by date.

Post Summaries: An expandable teaser of a larger blog.

Continue: Also referred to as a jump this is a link to continue on to
another section of a blog in order to save space and load times.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol. It is also a type of program. All used
to upload content.

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