Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why google adsense ban you before the pay day

In fact, Google will ban your account any day that they find something seriously wrong with it. They have to protect their advertisers and will not leave an account running if it's frauding their advertisers out of their advertising money as Adsense will only have to either refund them or will loose the advertisers in the long run.

They ban you if you fail to follow the TOS. It is very clear what they expect and they do not just randomly ban those who make money. That would be stupid because the more money you make, the more they make. They do catch more before a payday because they double check that you did nothing wrong and if they catch you broke the rules, you become one of those sad stories on here that claim you did nothing wrong. Just follow the rules and there would be no need to start these kinds of threads.

Most common reason to ask this is because someone broke the rules and thought maybe they beat Google and the advertisers but now they are wondering if they are going to get caught. Best advice, you are not smarter than Google and you will get caught! Never cheat Google!!